The Jeremy Lin sensation has brought much attention to the NBA, the Knicks, and the Asian-American community. While most of the attention has been positive, fortune cookie graphics, insensitive signs and racially charged headlines have gotten some groups up in arms.

Well, nothing heals like humor. After a weekend where ESPN came under fire, and then fired an editor over a racially insensitive Jeremy Lin headline, it’s good to have something to laugh at. In case you missed it, Anthony Federico was fired from ESPN after posting the headline “A Chink In The Armor” following Jeremy Lin’s first loss as a starter. In response to this header, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund said "The media and the general public must understand that racist language and stereotypes used to describe Jeremy Lin are an insult to all Asian Americans, and no one should tolerate their use." Well, the SNL cast decided to try their hand at Linsanity and all the racial “issues” that go along with it. Check out the sketch below.