bruce jacobs

Suggestions For Jets Vs. Dolphins Bets
At the beginning of "Game On with Bruce Jacobs" yesterday afternoon, Bruce suggested during "The Cross Talk" (sponsored by our good friends at Duke's Barber Shop) that another car wash bet be made between himself and Brian Noe. I was not able to moderate this…
Bruce Jacobs To Appear On TV Tonight [VIDEO]
104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio's Bruce Jacobs will appear on the FOX 23 news this evening at 10pm & 11pm.  Meagan Farley stopped by the studio this afternoon to film Bruce for a reason other than his good looks and disco shirts.
Bruce Jacobs: 1970 Called, They Want Your Wardrobe Back!
Every once in a while, somebody from the on-air staff on "The Team" is highly critiqued for their wardrobe selections. And lately, more often than not, the target of that criticism has been "Game On" host Bruce Jacobs. So why should today be any different at all?

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