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ESPYs Preview Part 4: Best Comeback Athlete
The ESPYs are coming up tomorrow and we're continuing to break down all categories involving your favorite New York teams/athletes. Today we roll with "Best Comeback Athlete."
Category: Best Comeback Athlete
New York Athlete Involved: Dominic Moore, New York Rangers
The Rest of the Field: Jos…
Josh Beckett’s Handling Of The Media
Do you think Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett handled his postgame press conference the right way or the wrong way? Do you think the media should care what Beckett does on his off-days?
American League Wild Card Tied Up
The American League Wild Card is now officially up for grabs as the Boston Red Sox lost to the Orioles 6-3 while the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Yankees 5-2. With those two scores, the AL Wild Card is now an even race between the Red Sox and Rays as both teams are tied at 89-71 records. Additionally…
Red Sox Defeat Yankees, Sabathia
The Red Sox once again solved CC Sabathia for the third time this season, as they roll to their 10-4 victory. The Yankees and the Red Sox are now tied atop the American League East standings. CC Sabathia gave up a season-high 7 runs in this game. His previous high was 6 runs, which he twice gave up …
Josh Beckett Shuts Down Yankees
Josh Beckett dominated the Yankees during a 4-0 win by the Red Sox on Sunday Night Baseball.  Boston might be turning the corner in more than one way.