kiss cam

Pizza Girl Dominates Kiss Cam [VIDEO]
The other night at the Celtics Hawks game the entertainment in between game action was your standard fare, some on court games, maybe a little trivia and of course the KISS CAM! The major difference was this night we would meet "Pizza Girl...
Basketball Fan Has Epic Kiss Cam Response [VIDEO]
The Kiss Cam has been an American sporting event staple for as long as I can remember, and it’s provided us (and YouTube) with countless classic moments. Watching a guy get smooch-snubbed on the big screen only to bury his face in his seven dollar beer really never gets old. Uncomfortable? Yes. Ente…
Couple Breaks Up in Epic Kiss Cam Dispute
Real or not real, this is officially the best part of going to a Grizzlies game -- watching people break up on the Kiss Cam. Unless, of course, you're the guy who got dumped, in which case this is probably the worst part of going to a Grizzlies game.