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Miami Heat Support Shooting Victim – I Support Heat
The Miami Heat are making headlines, and it has nothing to do with basketball.  It has to do with the seemingly racially charged shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, their outrage, and their willingness to accept the leader/role model position that society so often tries to thrust upon them…
Lebron James Jumps Over Guy For Slam Dunk [VIDEO]
Love or hate Lebron James, the guy has some serious skills when it comes to basketball.  John Lucas of the Chicago Bulls learned that first hand when James jumped over him to complete the Alley-Oop from Dwyane Wade.  It just gives more proof that the guy might not be human.  What an a…
LeBron James Talks Tebow [VIDEO]
Earlier today LeBron James talked about Tim Tebow at practice, praising his selfless nature and relating to his struggles with the media. Check out his comments below:

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