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Giants Fans You Are Welcome!
It's ok fans of big blue. No reason to thank me for that resounding victory of the Packers. No really it's all good. Well maybe a little. Oh sure I didn't score or make a tackle. Nope didn't call a play. Didn't miss a field goal, didn't miss a tackle and didn'…
Big Blue Takes Down Packers
The New York Giants went to Lambeau Field and took down the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Playoffs yet again.  Big Blue beat the 15-1 Packers 37-20 to earn a trip to the NFC Championship Game.
Tebow Did Just Fine!
If you  are rating Tim Tebow's performance up against Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rogers then yes Tebow was an abject failure. If you rate his season aginst other rookie or 2nd year QB's then Tim had a fine season and there is hope going forward...
Ask Me On A Date, Tim Tebow [VIDEO]
Wow, have you ever been embarrassed for somebody else?  This video would be an example of that thought.  It's also another reason why I'm rooting for the Patriots.

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