The Most Underrated Player In The NFL
You often hear the discussion about overrated players in the NFL.  But what about the league's most underrated player?
So who is it?  Which NFL player gets no love from the fans?  The answer is simple.
Biggest Surprise Of NFL Draft
The 1st Round of the NFL Draft has come and gone with several surprises.  But the biggest surprise of the draft had many people scratching their heads.
Doubts About Cam Newton
With the NFL Draft around the corner, there's all sorts of speculation right now about who the top picks might be.
I also have my doubts about one other thing.  Cam Newton.
Bengals Shouldn’t Give In To Palmer
Carson Palmer says he'd rather retire than another game with Cincinnati.  Palmer said he has $80 million in the bank and that he will never suit up for the Bengals ever again.
This is insane.
Battle for NY: Eli vs. Sanchez
So Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets are in the AFC Championship game for the 2nd straight season while Eli Manning and the Giants are left out of the playoff mix for the 2nd straight season. 
So which New York quarterback would you rather have now?