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World Series Schedule
With a 7th inning grand slam by Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino, Boston capped the American League Champion Series against Detroit with a 5-2 victory on Saturday night. The St. Louis Cardinals were patiently awaiting the winner of the ALCS after beating the Dodgers four games to two...
Derek Jeter Appears To Be Engaged
The Yankee captain, Derek Jeter, who has those 3,000-plus hits and five World Series rings has apparently dished out a ring of his own to his smoking-hot 23-year old junior girlfriend.
ESPN Baseball Tonight’s Doug Glanville Joins The Team
Former big leaguer and current ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Doug Glanville recently joined Mike Lindsley on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  The two discussed Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis, if Glanville ever used steroids, the Yankees' playoff chances and if the Pirates are a World Series contend…
Major League Baseball Fires An Ump-Because Of Alleged Drug Use
Yes Major League Baseball's drug policy has more teeth to it. No one can deny that. Yet no players have been fired by baseball. But an umpire reportedly has been cut loose because of drug use.
Brian Runge, a 3rd generation umpire has reportedly been axed by the league for drug use and not follow…
Mike Lindsley’s Top 5 Most Beloved Yankees Of All-Time
Picking greatest Yankees in any category is like splitting hairs or flipping a coin or picking the most ripe apple in the bunch during the months of September and October in the Northeast.  How about the most beloved Yankee of all-time?  Just as tough as the next question when regarding th…
Dodgers-Yankees Preview
The Dodgers enter Yankee Stadium for a two-game set with the Yanks.  The storylines with this mini-series are endless.  The 1950's World Series battles when both clubs were in New York, Don Mattingly returning to the Bronx and a kid named Yasiel Puig.  Here is a series preview:
This Has To Be The End For Andy Pettitte In The Bronx
No one will ever forget the postseason wins, the bulldog mentality, the cap set down just above the eyebrows as the cutter dives in on righties and away from lefties.  No one will forget saving the bacon in the Bronx time after time after time, nor will they forget outdueling John Smoltz in the…

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