Now here is good news which today in sports is hard to find. Columbia University has changed it's mind and will allow the band to  perform this Saturday. If you missed it the Columbia Lions winless this year at 0-9 had banned the band from this Saturdays finale because the band went off script and played a new tune last Saturday, After 0-8 at the time Columbia fell again the band decided that they would change the fight song from 'roar Lion roar' to we always "lose,lose,lose,by a lot ans sometimes by a little". the uptight Ivy school banned the band from performing  against Brown university because of the stunt-However we have late word that indeed the band will be playing it's usual school spirit this week against the Bears of Brown university

The winless Lions as mentioned are a sad 0-9 and need to win this Saturday to avoid their 1st winless season  since 1987 when they went 0-10.. The theme of this story-Even in the Ivy league fun can b