Yes, it happened again for me at the Saratoga Race Course on Friday afternoon.  The "birthday bet" worked!

I went with the 3-2 exacta box and guess what?  Yep - the 3-2 came up a winner!  The #3 horse was "Senora Dubai" with Ryan Curatolo aboard and the #2 was "Molls Alley", with Ramon A. Dominguez in the irons.  The 3-2 Exacta Box paid $63.50.

As you know, my betting wisdom tells me to throw out all logic, studying and advice from others and just play my birthday (March 2nd) or my wife's birthday, 6-1 (June 1st).

Overall, I ended up losing $19.00.  I bet $52.00 and won $33.00 - so that put me down $19.00 for the day.  But I had a great time and won't stop betting my birthday.  Please join me!