In a news announcement that should surprise no one the NY Knicks announced on Wednesday that forward Carmelo may have torn a muscle in his shoulder and might need surgery to fix the problem.

If anyone was watching closely you could see Anthony often flexing his shoulder and grimacing constantly during the playoffs.

The Knicks claim they will see if rest is the cure and will wait a few weeks before deciding how to proceed. If surgery is needed it could sideline Carmelo for up to 4 months which would put the timeline for a return sometime around the end of October, give or take depending how fast he heels.

Anthony led the NBA in scoring this season, just squeaking past Kevin Durant in the final 3 days of the regular season.

Any surgery would also preclude Anthony from participating in any USA basketball events this summer if any events are scheduled. Anthony was a key member of the United States Gold medal winning team this past Summer.

Anthony clearly was hampered by the shoulder as his shooting percentage fell off by almost 5 points from regular season to the playoffs. Of course some of that is due the tougher defense teams play in the post season. Both the Celtics and pacers roughed up Carmelo during the 2 playoff series the Knicks played this year.