Some Yankee fans were hoping to see a little bit more from Andy Pettitte in his first start back from retirement on Saturday, but, whether his 4 runs over 6 1/3 innings encouraged the fans or not, reports say Pettitte will locked into the Yankee rotation for the rest of the year.

On Thursday the Yankees will guarantee Andy his full 2.5 million dollar salary for the 2012 season. His contract was initially incentive laden, with questions about how quick he might be able to make it back to the major leagues after sitting out the entire 2011 season. His deal currently has multiple bonuses for days on the roster as well as starts made, but was set to cap itself at $2,500,000, a figure Pettitte was virtually sure to hit anyway. The Yankees will ensure his deal as they continue to try to solidify their patchwork rotation.