The New York Knicks have officially lost again. This time to Steve Kerr who was the Knicks number one candidate for their coaching vacancy. Kerr elected to take the all-around better deal, and better roster with the Golden State Warrior. Now it’s time for the Knicks to move on fast.

The Knicks need to get on the phone and call Mark Jackson. Jackson should have been the number one choice as soon as the season ended.

We understand Phil Jackson wants one of his minions from the past to be the coach.  But who better than the Brooklyn born Jackson, to band back together one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NBA? Jackson’s ties to the city and the fact he was drafted to the Knicks in 1987 where he went on to win R.O.Y, should be on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to hiring him.

What's the biggest reason he should be the head coach. Jackson is a proven coach and leader.  He is also the best shot you have of keeping Carmelo Anthony. Phil Jackson needs to go outside of his comfort zone for this choice. Is he is worried about someone running his precious triangle offense? Don’t be, Jackson is an intelligent coach that will be welcomed by the New York media with open arms.