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Everyone knows that Boston fans love their Red Sox, but this is absolutely ridiculous. According to reports from Sports Business reporter Darren Rovell and others, ticket resale prices for game six of the World Series in Fenway are selling for record amounts.

As of Tuesday morning, following the Red Sox 3-1 win in Game Five, bleacher seats at Fenway were selling for $1,100 a piece. Additionally, it’s been reported that someone purchased top notch seats directly behind the dugout for $24,000 dollars. That’s enough cheese to buy a brand new car- like, a nice car.

According to my investigative research (checking Stub Hub) it costs over $800 for standing room only tickets. $800 bucks and you don’t even get a seat! And don’t think there’s some silver lining to those tickets either, I’ve bought standing room tickets to a game at Fenway before, and it was awful.

And they said there was a recession going on in this country…