Last night 17 High School baseball players signed their national letters of intent at All Stars Academy in Latham. Matt Frey is the head instructor and director of teams at All Stars Academy and he joined us to recap the whole thing. Make sure to listen to the whole interview above and you can read an excerpt from the interview below!

"Every NCAA school is an honor, I think it is something around 6% of high school players go on and play an NCAA sport so that is pretty rarefied air. One percent of those play Division I and we have a bunch of division 1 guys. Of the 17 guys, 4 are Division II and 1 is Division III and the rest are Division I...but yeah a lot of really good schools and baseball programs that are both good academically and athletically."

Jets’ head coach Robert Saleh gets off the hook of having to make a tough decision on who starts at quarterback Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Zach Wilson is not ready to return from his knee injury, and so Mike White gets the nod. If White has another big performance, Saleh can stick with White. If not, the Jets have to give their number two overall draft pick a chance to grow into the position. There is no way the Jets’ can give up on Wilson, but at the same time, Saleh has to ride the hot hand of White. I will be shocked if the Jets upset the Bills.

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