What a quandry the Oakland Raiders find themselves in. 2 QB's who have done nothing and yet think they are good.

1st there is the delusional and OVER RATED Carson Palmer. The latest from this over rated BUST is that both the Raiders and Bengals made out in the trade last year that landed the hold out QB in  Oakland.. Yeah carson let me add up all your playoff wins-That would be ZERO. You have done nothing for 5 years now. The Bengals ripped off the Raiders. Traded a BUM and got a haul..keep kidding yourself Palmer..If Interceptions were rewarded then Palmer would be the best ever. All this despite having plenty of talent in both Cincy and Oakland. Both had/have good running games and WR talent. Palmer stinks. Flat out...

But wait it gets better-According to do nothing, accomplish nothing Matt Leinart he is already ahead of the curve in Oakland. Really which curve the ones on Rosanne Barrs body?

I mean seriously I have to keep from laughing at lazy Leinarts comments.. Now you talk about failure. This former 1st round pick of the AZ cards is now on his 4th team..If whining and getting WR's hurt were rewarded this stiff would lead the pack. he has more crippled Recievers then wins. More picks then Wins. Leinart is counting on his new QB coach Gregg Knapp to help him. God can't help this BUM. Leinart is so delusional he dares mention that Kurt Warner didn't start until he was 28..Yeah but Matty he had 2 things-make that 3 things you don't have..1-work ethic. 2-talent. 3-a clue.

So now the raiders have 2 QB's who have a very high opinion of themselves. they only thing neither of these clowns has is a high winning percentage!