The Browns are at the one-year anniversary of when they traded up to take Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick. Amidst his stint in rehab and not being able to stay out of the spotlight, is Cleveland done with Johnny Football's schtick?

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"Absolutely not," said Cleveland radio host Andy Baskin, with Armen and Levack. "I think going into camp he will get the chance to be the starter, depending on what happens in the draft."

Ah-ha! More draft day for Cleveland!? Of course! Multiple reports indicate that the Browns are trying to move as high up as the second pick.

"If they get in the top two and they decide to get Mariota then that changes the ballgame. Then I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not here or if they traded him or something. As of right now, he will have every opportunity in the world to get that job going into camp."

So, does Cleveland really have the ammunition to move up that high?

“We’re talking about the Cleveland Browns," added Baskin, on 104.5 The Team, "they cannot afford to give up three first round picks for a guy that you might have question marks about. Does anyone think he’s Andrew luck? Does anyone think, whether it's Winston or Mariota, that one of them can change a franchise over night?”

The right pick would be to stay at 12. But then again, they're the Browns. Since when do they do the logical thing? Ask Manziel.

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