This Tuesday night is the start of the 2019 World Series as the Houston Astros take on the Washington Nationals. Remember you can hear every World Series on 104.5 The Team. Below is the schedule.

World Series Game 1: WSH HOU, Tues., Oct. 22nd, 8:08 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 2: WSH HOU, Wed., Oct. 23rd, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 3: HOU  WSH, Fri., Oct. 25th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 4: HOU  WSH, Sat., Oct. 26th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 5 (if necessary): HOU WSH, Sun., Oct.27th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 6 (if necessary): WSH HOU, Tues., Oct. 29th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 7 (if necessary): WSH HOU, Wed., Oct. 30th, 8:08 p.m first pitch

Below are the prop bets provided by Jimmy Shaprio at

Washington Nationals at Houston Astros

Washington Nationals                +190     (19/10)

Houston Astros                         -220     (5/11)

Exact Outcome

Washington Nationals in 4                      20/1

Washington Nationals in 5                      9/1

Washington Nationals in 6                      8/1

Washington Nationals in 7                      7/1

Houston Astros in 4                               7/1

Houston Astros in 5                               5/1

Houston Astros in 6                              7/2

Houston Astros in 7                              4/1


Will either team sweep the series?

Yes      +600     (6/1)

No        -800     (1/8)

What Game Will Series End?

Game 4                        7/1

Game 5                        3/1

Game 6                        2/1

Game 7                        11/5

What team do you believe will win this year's World Series? How long will the series go? What are your favorite bets? Let us know below.

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