Based on all star selections, it should be the Detroit Tigers vs the St Louis Cardinals should meet in the World Series. These are the 2 teams that led the leagues in players selected with 2 more picks to come. Dodgers rookie sensation Yasiel Puig is not on the all star roster-Yet. Each league will have 1 more player picked via vote of the fan. The game is scheduled for the Mets home ballpark, Citifield on July 16th.

The top vote getters were: In the American league, slugger Chris Davis used a late surge to garner more votes then any other junior circuit player and he will start at 1st base. Davis, who leads the majors with 33 homeruns, has the 7th highest homerun total before the break in baseball history.

For the NL, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina led the senior circuit in votes.

As for Puig and his 400+ batting average. he will compete with 4 other national leaguer's for the final spot. You can make bank after over a week of virtually every talk show in America beating this topic into the ground will be picked. Puig's competition for the final spot looks like this: Ian Desmond of Washington, Freddy Freeman of Atlanta, Adrian Gonzalez of the Dodgers and Hunter Pence of San Francisco. Gentlemen you can make alternative all star plans.

The final spot in the AL is up for grabs. All relief pitchers which is a surprise. David Robertson of the Yankees,Joaquin Benoit of the Tigers, Steve Delabar of Toronto, Tanner Sheppers of Texas and finally Koji Uehara of Boston.

As for the locals, pending the final roster spot vote. For the Yankees, Robinson Cano will start at 2nd base and Mariano Rivera was picked for the 13th time, 2nd highest ever for a pitcher behind only Warren Spahn who made 17 all star teams. The depleted Yanks have no reserves selected.

As for the Mets- Matt Harvey won the vote of his peers in player balloting for pitchers, as he gets that nod over Clayton Kershaw of Los Angeles. Harvey will be joined by David Wright who will get the start at 3rd.

Washington's Bryce Harper got late support to win a starting spot, bypassing Justin Upton of Atlanta.

Safe to say the entire process of picking players and what the game means. However it should be noted that Bud Selig's absurd " this game counts" for home field advantage in the World Series has not been a success. TV ratings have shrunk not gained since that ridiculous policy was put in place.

The rest of the all-star starters are for the AL: Joe Mauer at catcher of the Minnesota Twins. Cano at 2nd. Miguel Cabrera of Detroit at 3rd. JJ hardy at short. he also of the Orioles. The starting outfield is Jose Bautista of Toronto, Mike Trout of the Angels, and Adam Jones of Baltimore.

The NL starters besides David Wright and Molina are : Joey Votto of the Reds at 1st. Brandon Phillips of the Reds as well at 2nd, Troy Tulowitzki of Colorado at SS, Wright at 3rd. The outfield starters will be

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