What if I told you that your voice mail could feature the voice of ESPN's 30 for 30 series? Well that could happen to you this Thursday when Levack and Goz interview Dahkil Hausif. Hausif is the voice behind ESPN's 30 for 30 introductions that have become very popular among sports fans. The next two days Levack and Goz will be taking submissions for what they believe is the best lines to be read on a listener's voicemail. The winner will be selected and have their custom voicemail voiced by Dahkil Hausif sent to them. Will you want the voice of the 30 for 30 series to brag to your friends about a fantasy football championship? Or your old little league stats? Or maybe even how much you miss the Arizona Fall League baseball updates? To submit your entries you can either leave a comment below in this article, on 1045 The Team's Facebook page or tweeting @TheJeffLevack or @TomGozz. Below is a sample of Dahkil Hausif's work.