Mariano Rivera is synonymous with Metallica's Enter Sandman after a Major League career consisting of well over a decade of entering baseball games with the song serving as the soundtrack. As a result, the Cleveland Indians decided to give Rivera a gold copy of the album as their gift to him during his farewell tour this season.

I applauded the Indians at the time for their creativity in coming up with this as a gift for Rivera, as plenty of teams have just made donations to his charity. While there is no such thing as a bad charitable donation in any situation, the teams that have gone above and beyond in coming up with cool gifts for Mo have done a great job in doing so, the Indians being no exception.

Really, this is a perfect gift for Rivera, who has arguably become more famous than the song itself, making people think of him before Metallica when the opening riff is played.

This was easily the best gift of Mariano's farewell tour so far this year, with the exception of Minnesota's gift, the Chair of Broken Dreams, which will definitely be making an appearance later in the countdown.

The album was presented to him by Indians president Mark Shapiro, along with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame president Greg Harris.