It seems as though an age-old "Rainy Day" sports radio debate may finally be coming to an end. For what feels like ages, any time there was a slow day in sports, topics like "Should Pete Rose be in the Hall Of Fame?" or "Is it time the Washington Redskins changed their name?" would fill the void. Well, with the current issues surrounding the United States in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and almost countrywide protests calling for change, the name may finally change. Both the Washington Redskins of the NFL and the Cleveland Indians of MLB have begun to look into changing their team nicknames.

Like many sports fans, I'm not a huge fan of change but I think it's pretty clear this debate has raged on long enough and if for no other reason than to get on with focusing on the game instead of the nicknames I'm interested in seeing what new names these two franchises come up with. BetOnline.AG has set odds to some of the potential names that are possibly being considered.

Washington Redskins New Name if Changed

Redtails                        3/1

Generals                       4/1

Presidents                    5/1

Lincolns                        6/1

Veterans                       8/1

Capitols                        9/1

Americans                     10/1

Memorials                     10/1

Monuments                   10/1

Kings                            12/1

Roosevelts                   12/1

Redhawks                     15/1

Jeffersons                    20/1

Renegades                   22/1

Arlingtons                     25/1

Hogs                            50/1

Snowflakes                   500/1

Trumps                         500/1


Cleveland Indians New Name if Changed

Spiders                         3/1

Naps                            4/1

Guardians                     5/1

Buckeyes                      6/1

Dobys                          7/1

Wild Things                   8/1

Blue Sox                       9/1

Rocks                           10/1

Cuyahogas                   15/1

Crows                           20/1

Rockers                        20/1

Unions                          25/1

Fellers                          33/1

Great Lakers                 40/1

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