Have you ever wanted to be in a big Hollywood movie? Well here’s your chance and it’s only 2 hours from the Capital Region. We don't know what movie they are filming, but it must be a pretty big film since they need around 2000 extras.

I’ve been an extra in a movie before and it was a blast. I was an extra in a small movie called “Airborne” that was filmed in Cincinnati in 1993. It was about rollerblading and teenage love....or something like that. It had a few up and coming stars in it like Jack Black and Seth Green. If you stop the movie at just the right frame you can almost make out my face. Let’s just say I don’t get recognized from the role. Haha I think the coolest part of being an extra in a movie was seeing the entire movie making process. Doing take after take with adjustments from the director and watch the cast cutting up with each other..

So how do you get to be in the movies as an extra? Well, first you have to be willing to drive a couple hours to Syracuse. Also, fill out an application to be an extra with Casting by Annie Delano. They are looking for 2000 extras for the unnamed film that shoot in Syracuse this August and September. They are looking for all ages, genders, and ethnicity 18 years old and up are encouraged to apply. Extras can make an average of $170 a day.

Click HERE to apply and good luck! Maybe this is the big break you’ve been looking for!

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