I've writtten about it several times that Upstate New York, not just New York City is the new hotbed for TV and movie productions.

Just look at all the movies and TV shows that are scheculed to start filming this spring and summer. HBO has two production, "The Gilded Age" and "The White House Plumbers" that will employ hundreds of people as extras and crew. In Buffallo, there are two major studios and sound stages being built that will bring in huge Hollywood productions to New York. The word has gotten out that Upstate New York is a great place to film.

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Now another movie that was produced and filmed in Columbia County is making noise in a bunch of film festivals and on Amazon Prime.

The movie "Go/Don't Go" is described as a genre-bending slow burn thriller. It stars Alex Knapp as Adam. Knapp actually wrote, directed and starred in the movie with co-stars, Olivia Luccardi, & Nore Davis.

The story follows Adam, (Alex Knapp) who believes he is the last man on earth...but is he really? Over the course of a few days, things begin to unravel for him as he is confronted with an unexpected terrifying possibility. Maybe he is descending into madness, or maybe he's not actually alone.

Check it out and support movies made in Upstate New York. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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