The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is coming to Albany on June 18! This is an event you won't want your kids to miss out on. 

  • 1

    Silly Steps

    Look at this huge slide! What kid wouldn't love this? Even some of us adults would love this. This bad boy is located right at the starting line!

  • 2

    Big Bounce

    This obstacle looks more like a huge trampoline or bounce house! The only downside to the Big Bounce is your kids may never want to leave.

  • 3

    Happy Hills

    Double the fun! With two uphills and two slides, your kids will definitely dig the Happy Hills obstacle.

  • 4

    Tricky Truck

    This inflatable obstacle looks like a truck! Again, just try to tell us a single kid who wouldn't love this.

  • 5

    Super Slide

    The Super Slide might just be the most fun obstacle of the whole run. Just look at those slides! These downhills will surely bring your kids happily to the finish line.