The National Transportation Safety Board held a press conference on Tuesday, revealing their initial findings in the investigation of the plane crash that killed Super Bowl champion tight end, Russ Francis and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s Senior Vice President Richard McSpadden.

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As reported here on Monday, the fatal plane crash happened on Sunday, just outside of Lake Placid. According to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Francis and McSpadden were taking off to participate in a photo shoot of the 1976 Cessna 177RG single-engine airplane they were flying.

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According to National Transportation Safety Board investigator Todd Gunther, the crash appeared to occur following the loss of power in the engine. The article said that Francis and McSpadden were both experienced pilots and were in communication with other pilots in the area. NTSB investigator Gunther explained that the pilot was attempting to land in the opposite direction from which they had taken off, minutes prior. Upon approach, the plane hit a berm at the end of the runway and fell into a ravine.

Gunther told the Adirondack Daily Enterprise that the plane was not in the air very long. The investigator noted, “When the airplane was observed, it did not appear to be climbing very well.” Several neighbors rushed to the area following the crash but apparently Francis and McSpadden could not be saved. noted that there have been at least 17 plane crashes in Lake Placid since 1962. The most recent crash being in 2014.

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