Six days ago Commissioner Manfred went on the record prior to the MLB Draft and stated: “I’ll tell you unequivocally: We will play Major League Baseball this year.” 

Monday, he went back on that stance by saying he is ‘not confident’ and that “I can’t tell you that I am 100% certain that’s gonna happen.” He also went on to say that every single owner wants to get baseball back. 

Tuesday, that mindset is not shared by ‘all’ of the owners. 

In addition, The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich, added from a player agent, "There are definitely more than eight owners who don't want to play."  

The leaders in the game of baseball have the responsibility to ensure that baseball is played. Yes, the commissioners of every sports league are employed by the owners of that league, but they are the unifiers, well supposed to be anyways. 

We need unification more than ever before in the game of baseball. In an interview in 2015 with President George W. Bush, Commissioner Manfred said: "The most important goal is to pass our game to a new generation."


The most critical days are ahead for baseball. In order to impose a schedule, Commissioner Manfred needs the approval of 75 percent of the owners. With word that ‘8 or more owners’ have ideas of taking the stance ‘we are not going to play in 2020’, it will be catastrophic for this game.

Mike Trout, who is considered the 'face' of baseball added to the conversation. He tweeted out the same message hundreds of other major leaguers have said.

If players stick to their message ‘tell us when and where’, they will continue to prove they are more unified than ever before.  It's now left up for the owners and the commissioner to decide when, where, and the future of the game. 

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