The New York Yankees are off to the worst start I can remember. Not just that they continue to hover four or five games under 500 but also because they just look TERRIBLE. If you're like me you've become extremely frustrated by the lackluster effort, awful fielding, subpar pitching, and anemic hitting. So in honor of Earth Day here are some tips on how we can care for our beautiful planet and survive this god-awful start to the 2021 Yankee season.

When "enjoying" the Yankees keep these easy eco-friendly tips in mind.

1. Recycling. One of the best things about the Yankees is the timeless pinstripe home and gray road jerseys. Instead of throwing away or burning your Gleyber Torres jersey because he won't run to first base, just pack it away. Remember there are no names on Yankee jerseys so either Gleyber will get better or you are ahead of the game for the NEXT guy to wear 25.

2. Turning off lights when you leave a room. That moment where you just can't take another poorly timed strikeout and storm out of the room remember to conserve energy and turn off the lights and tv.

3. Flattening cardboard boxes. Not only is this a good practice to take up less space at the dump or recycling plant, punching empty boxes helps get the anger of watching that day's starting pitcher only make it to the 3rd inning.

4.Bringing a reusable water bottle with you to avoid using plastic. Not only is this a good practice for the environment but it also allows you to sip vodka without the family judging you for "drinking away a five-game losing streak."

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5. Walking or biking somewhere instead of driving. I love listening to the Yankees on 1045 The Team BUT walking or biking without a radio will give you a break from hearing them play like garbage.

6. Donating clothes or other items, so someone else can use them again. Similar to the first tip this is a way better way to ditch your #24 Sanchez gear instead of burning it and polluting the air.

7. Eating the food you bought at the store without wasting any. I tend to "eat my emotions" so while this is the effort the Yankees are putting out...leftovers won't be an issue.

8. Growing your own produce. (This one is code for growing your own weed) I mean it's legal and with the stress, the Yankees are causing why not safely self-medicate.

You know I love the Yankees and that will never change. Hopefully, they turn it around quickly.

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