A 9-year old boy named Tyson Greencorn channeled his inner Wayne Gretzky when he made a center-ice shot for a cool $5,000.

I love contests like this.  The odds of executing these long-distance shots are often times slim to none.  Sometimes, it’s as if the PA announcer gets on the mic and says, “Okay, say hello to little Johnny who will be attempting a half-court shot.  Now, little Johnny actually has a broken arm.  Coincidentally, that’s the arm he will have to use to make this shot.”

It’s comical how difficult some of these shots are.  9-year-old Tyson Greencorn did not have a broken arm when he attempted his shot from center ice, but the degree of difficulty was extremely high.  He also slipped and fell while he executed his shot.  Very impressive stuff, Tyson.  Good job, bud.

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