The 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament Final Four is now all set! Only one person in America predicted all final four teams correctly with Kentucky, UConn, Butler, and the big surprise, VCU making it to Houston, TX.

Why did only one person get all the Final Four teams right? Well that's because this group of teams has rewritten the history books of the NCAA tournament.

For the first time in NCAA tournament history, we will be viewing a final four with NO number one seeds NOR with any number two seeds! This will also be the first time since 2006 that no number one seeds have made it to the Final Four and the third time in HISTORY that number one seeds have failed to make it.

In addition, according to Jay Bilas of ESPN, these final four teams of Kentucky, Butler, UConn, and VCU will feature the highest seed total combined AND the highest loss total amongst the final four teams since 2000. In 2000, the seed total was 22 with a Final Four of  Michigan State  (1), Florida (5), Wisconsin (8), UNC (8). Here in 2011, UConn (3), Butler (8), VCU (11) , Kentucky(4) all combine for 26! In 2000, those final four teams combined for 41 loses, and this year the four teams have 37 combined loses! Finally, the 2011 national championship match is guaranteed at minimum to have an 8 seed in it, which is also a record as it has happened only twice! UCLA in 1980 and Villanova in 1985. If VCU defeats Butler then VCU will become the highest seeded team EVER in the championship game being the 11 seed!

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