Madden Day is right around the corner. August 27th Madden 25 will hit the shelves. This year (like most years) EA promises to deliver the best madden ever. 

As a Fan of the Madden games I have bought a copy every year since 98 or 97 (still have every copy I ever bought somewhere). And this year will be no different.

This year's features I'm looking forward to are the return of the revised owner mode. Where you can set prices on tickets, merch, and food. Not that it's a draw for me but what does is what owner mode brings to the table, a focus on making a legendary franchise. Managing your club from top to bottom. To me it's the strategy thats the big draw.

This year brings also new physics, something that EA has improved on every year over the last few years. As much as it's cool to see how brutal the hits are getting the only change I really want to see is if the players will stick to each others like magnets. Nothing more frustrating then having a straight shot at the QB to have your DE turn around to lock up with the O-line man you just manhandled.

Also as a fan of the Head Coach games. I would like to see more of those features make it to Madden. More so being able to quickly send your whole second string team in when you have a big lead to get them time on the field. Also building a players knowledge base on your play book. Maybe a second string guy is better at a play or a better fit (a larger RB on a short yardage play) then your first string guy, so being able to have situational play would be a big plus.

EA says they will release more info over the next few days. Can't to to see if any of my prayers are answer over the next few days.





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