The Albany Empire have taken the Capital Region by storm and one of the true personalities of the team is Wide Receiver Collin Taylor. Taylor known as CT has been a top player in the Arena League for years and now he's part of an Empire offense that might be the best in the league.

CT has a similar intensity to Head Coach Rob Keefe. So when CT talks football you hear his love of the game come through in every word. The first part of his conversation with us was all about his role on the Empire and this awesome first season.

Now here's where I start to really have fun with talking to Albany Empire WR Collin Taylor, he's a fan of conspiracy theories or should I say free thinking. If you ask people that talk to CT and take him at face value they'll tell you he's a 'Flat Earther" and "Conspiracy Theorist" but the truth is he just wants proof and wants to think for himself instead of going off of what he's told. Yo may not agree with him but he definitely offers you food for thought.

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