The New York State Crime Index has been updated to include crime statistics from 2021 and 2022 from across the state. Within the rows of data, one can find info on the amount of crime reported in every city, in the Capital Region and beyond, and see the totals from each year over the past few decades.

We dug into the data that has been collected by the Albany City Police Department, data which paints an interesting picture of the safety of New York State's Capital City.

As one would expect, the crime rate has risen and fallen in the City of Albany over the years. In general, however, the city has seen a steady decline in the amount of crime reported in the city since 1996.

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For example, 8130 incidents of crime were reported back in 1996 in the Capital City, yet only 4729 were reported in 2022. That all being said, the total from this past year (2022) was a bit higher than expected based on data from recent years.

We'll take it one step further: it's the highest total reported by the Albany City PD in exactly a decade.

Back in 2022, we put together a complete list of the crime totals in Albany from each of the past 25 years. With the Crime Index having been updated, we were able to update our list accordingly to include data from 2021 and 2022. Scroll below to see the crime totals that were reported, and see for yourself how the City of Albany has become safer over the past two-plus decades.

Hopefully, we'll again see a lower number when the 2023 totals are released after the end of this year.

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