The Weather Channel has upped the ante for this weekend's snowstorm with a big accumulation prediction.

We knew this Sunday's snowstorm was going to most likely be our biggest snowfall so far this winter, and now the Weather Channel is saying it could be huge!

According to their latest forecast, Albany is right in the middle of a band of this snowstorm that could dump 18-24 inches on the Capital Region. Yowza! Listen, we don't see most storms as a big deal here in Upstate New York. But any time you start talking multiple feet of snow, well that is just a whole 'lotta snow no matter where you live.

We are still a few days out, so obviously, this forecast could change. But I think it is safe to say we are going to get our first significant snowfall of the season this weekend. We were overdue, and we knew it would come at some point!


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