There are 342 elected members in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Those people range from star players, to championship-winning managers, to on-and-off-field architects who helped to grow the game. Of those 342, however, a select number of them were born in New York, the state that houses the Baseball Hall.

In fact, of every state in the country, none of them have had more of its residents enshrined in Cooperstown than New York.

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Meet the Record-Setting 33 Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame from New York

A story done by How They Play examined the birthplaces of every member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and shared with us the top states for baseball Hall-of-Famers. Of the 342 players enshrined in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown, 33 of them were born in New York.

That total stands alone as the most from any one state.

It's rather unsurprising that California ranks 2nd in that category, with 26 natives who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. From there, Pennsylvania is 3rd with 25 members, Illinois is 4th with 23 and Ohio is 5th with 19. Then, we have Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, Maryland and Indiana rounding out the top ten.

Ironically enough, Indiana jumped into sole possession of 10th place in 2023, as new inductee Scott Rolen was born in Evansville. Fred McGriff, meanwhile, was born in Tampa, FL, which was not represented in the top ten list.

At least, not yet.

With that all said, scroll below to view the names of the 33 members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame who were born in New York. Which name on the list do you remember cheering on the most?

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