The Syracuse Men's basketball team has been hot and cold to start the 2021-22 season. The compelling story currently with the team now is the fact that it truly is a family a fair in Central New Yor. Jimmy Boeheim transferred to the Orange from Cornell before this season after sitting out last season and has hit the ground running. He has been a huge addition to an Orange team that does not go too deep into their bench and in fact usually they play their starters, including the Capital Region's own Joseph Girard III, over 30 minutes a game. Of course Jimmy is part of the 2/5ths of the Boeheim's that are part of the group as Buddy is the team's best player. Matthew Gutierrez from the Athletic explained it all above and answered all our other questions about the Orange. Make sure to listen and read his thoughts on the Family Affair below!

"Basically half of the team in a way is one family but look Buddy obviously a really good player comes in on some watch lists nationally, he is a great shooter but had an off night last night but Jimmy Boeheim picked up the slack, he is a crafty guy who is more of a mid range to interior guy who occasionally can step out and shoot the three...Jimmy has certainly proved he can play at this level, he is not just an Ivy League kid who is looking for an extra year in college. He can play, he is strong, he is a really smart player and what he doesn't have in athleticism he makes up for with his intelligence on the court."

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