One of the great traditions of the NFL is Thanksgiving Day football. This year three games are lined up and all teams potentially could end up in this year's postseason. The Detroit Lions host the Minnesota Vikings, the Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys host the Los Angeles Chargers. Remember you can hear the Cowboys versus the Chargers on 1045 The Team with our coverage beginning at 4pm. Below are some of the offensive records for individual players on Thanksgiving Day.


PLAYER                    TEAM             GAMES                                  PASSING YARDS

Tony Romo               Dallas             10                                            2,338

Matthew Stafford      Detroit           7                                           2,219

Troy Aikman              Dallas            10                                            2,174

Danny White                        Dallas             10                                            1,545

Bart Starr                   Green Bay     8                                              1,345


PLAYER                    TEAM                         GAMES                      TOUCHDOWN PASSES

Tony Romo               Dallas                         9                                              18

Matthew Stafford      Detroit                        7                                              15

Bobby Layne            Detroit                         8                                              14

Danny White            Dallas                         10                                            14

All Time Receiving Touchdowns

PLAYER                       TEAM          GAMES          TOUCHDOWN CATCHES

Calvin Johnson          Detroit         9                      11

Cloyce Bo                     Detroit         5                      7

Michael Irvin                Dallas          10                    6


All Time Receptions

PLAYER                    TEAM             GAMES          RECEPTIONS

Jason Witten             Dallas             14                    73

Calvin Johnson       Detroit            9                      55

Herman Moore         Detroit            10                    51

Michael Irvin             Dallas             10                    49

All Time Receiving Yards

PLAYER                    TEAM             GAMES          YARDS

Herman Moore         Detroit            10                    834

Jason Witten             Dallas             14                    809

Calvin Johnson       Detroit            9                      769

Michael Irvin             Dallas             10                    722

Tony Hill                    Dallas             9                      622


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