Imagine how cool it would be to be considered one of the best ever at something? It doesn't really matter what "it" is, but if you could claim that distinction you'd known you made your mark. The claim for recently retired NBA all star Amare Stoudemire isn't that hes an all time great player or champion, no, because he won't be remembered that way. If I told you to close your eyes and picture the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Amare Stoudemire, immediately you'd think of him rising up over some poor soul and punching a dunk on their head. He did this as well as any front court player ever. Between the years of 2002 when he was drafted 9th overall by the Suns and 2011 when he was still at the peak of his powers as a New York Knick, Amare was a downright menace around the basket. Give him a step and that was your ass. What he did to Michael Olowokandi was assault. The dunk over Richard Jefferson was a crime against humanity. But waiting for Anthony Tolliver to catch up to him on the breakaway just to publicly humiliate him was cruel enough to warrant a suspension. Check out these posters in the video below and remind yourself just how bouncy Amare was when he was still Amare..

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