My girlfriend and I took a drive to Vermont on Saturday and stopped on the way at various stores that looked like they might be interesting.

We went into a small book store in Wilmington, Vermont. While my girlfriend checked out the jewelry, I noticed a scrapbook with Ted Williams and Stan Musial on the cover. I started looking through it and what I found was interesting.

The book was put together by somebody who was a big fan of both players. In it, there were newspaper clippings about Ted Williams and Stan Muial's whole careers. Wow! Including once story about Ted being overpaid at $52,000 a year.

Another story about how Billy Martin was made a fall guy by the Tigers. Yes, that Billy Martin! Another quoted Ted Williams saying "I'll hit 315 or this will be my last year."

If you're a fan of baseball history this could really be a great addition to your collection.