If you feel this year's Presidential Election seems more stressful than normal you're clearly not alone. The New York Post is reporting that 65% of Americans are feeling pretty stressed out about November 3rd, 2020. Not only are they stressed but it appears the coping methods of choice are alcohol and junk food.

The New York Post article says:

The Harris poll of 2,050 American adults, conducted online between Oct. 22 and Oct. 24, additionally found that 48 percent of respondents are more stressed about this election than ones in years past.

To help cope, 46 percent of respondents said they’d be noshing on junk food as the results roll in, with 42 percent saying pizza was in their future.

More Notes from the Harris poll include :

48% say they're more stressed about this election than other elections in the past.  

46% will lean on junk food to get them through it.

23% say they'll wait until Wednesday to see who wins and won't watch any results on election night. 

Here in the Capital Region liquor stores like All Star Wine and Spirits are seeing sales increases of up to 50%. In an interview with the Times Union owner of All Star, Craig Allen said demand has been so high he needed to purchase another delivery vehicle. So if that's any sign of how we here in the Cap Region plan to get through the 2020 Presidential Election it should be one hell of a party and a very slow Wednesday.

If you were looking to turn the coverage into a drinking game remember these key phrases:
"Too close to call"
"Neck and neck"
"Path to Victory"
"Red State"
"Blue State"
"Swing State"

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