Nyquist is undefeated, and his time was 201.3 seconds. Secretariat would have beat him. Big Red's time was 159.2 -- not even close. Nyquist's time is a world record that still stands 30 years later.

Last year, American Pharoah won the Triple Crown. In the video below, we ran on split screen American Pharoah's Derby win vs Secretariat's derby win. American Pharoah would have been a distant second. Again, not even close.

I saw Secretariat's first race (he broke badly, but finished strong). I knew from that first outing that he was a champion in the making. No horse has ever come close to doing what he did and posting the times he posted. I know it sounds strange, but I loved that horse -- so many others did, too. I was at Belmont for that historic race and I'll never forget it. I think I cried when that horse died. Let's see if Nyquist is the real deal. Preakness coming up.

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