Niskayuna native Andre Davis has a very unique and interesting story. The nine-year NFL veteran didn't start playing football until his junior year in high school and he only started playing as a way to stay in shape for the track season.

Davis, the electrifying wide receiver and return specialist, ended up playing football at Virginia Tech and played for the Brows, Texans, Patriots and Bills in the NFL. He will be inducted into the Capital Region Football Hall of Fame on Saturday at 6 pm at the Radisson on Wolf Road.

Davis joined Rodger Wyland today on 'Big Board Sports' to talk about his journey to the NFL, how the game has changed, his thoughts on Tom Brady and Deflategate, what WRs and DBs are saying to each other on the field and who the best DB he ever faced was.

LISTEN HERE to Nisky native Andre Davis:

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