Growing up as a wrestling fan I don't think I ever truly realized how special Andre "The Giant" was. I was a kid and Hulk Hogan was my hero so of course I didn't like this monster of a man that was feuding with him in the WWF(this was way before the WWE). It was years later when I was watching "The Princess Bride" I became a true fan of the big man.

It's probably taken far too long but tonight HBO will debut a 90 minute feature about the life of Andre The Giant. I'm not even close to the wrestling fan I once was but maybe that's because there's really nothing close to Andre in wrestling. Sure there's people called "Giants" but not like him. Larger than life and a legit legend. Hearing people talk about him you hear respect and a sense of awe. Judge me all you want, I will certainly be watching this one.

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