As the Detroit Lions prepare to play the Falcons this Sunday in London, the team has released a player, 3,800 miles from home.

Lions head coach Jim Caldwell said that the team needed a better look on their practice squad, so they swapped out running back William Powell for safety Jerome Couplin.

"It's a difficult thing to do, and you certainly would not want to do it -- a guy just gets here and, within 48 hours, he's heading back home," Caldwell told the Detroit Free Press.

"But that's kind of the nature of our business. The guys understand it, and I think, if you're up front and you tell them exactly why and what the reasons are and those kinds of things, it's a bitter pill to swallow, but they understand."

Powell will get paid for the rest of this week, but still has to purchase his own flight home.

The Lions? They did nothing wrong.

The NFL? Quit playing games in London. It doesn't make sense and now individuals have to pay for you being greedy.

But we all know the NFL and greed run hand in hand, so yes, expect an NFL team in London in the future.

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