As the New York Yankees play a two game series against the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper's future is on many fans minds. We ask Dave Jageler the radio voice of the Nationals shares his thoughts on if Bryce Harper will leave Washington or not.

Dave thinks that Bryce Harper's respect for players like George Brett and Derek Jeter will be the deciding factor as to why he will stay with the Washington Nationals his entire career. Basically it sounds like the belief is Harper views himself as a throwback and he'll weigh the factor of being a life long member of a team as a badge of honor.

I still feel like the Chicago Cubs will land Harper due to his friend Kris Bryant being there. They are Las Vegas guys and I think they will end up on the same team at some point. Truth is we have no idea what Harper will we look forward to the Winter of Bryce Harper after the season.

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