Weed, pot, Mary Jane, call it what you want and enjoy it anywhere you want! Marijuana is legal in New York now so why not? Grow it, smoke it and sell it! Well, not exactly. There are some things you cannot do. Just ask the 2 guys that were just arrested after a chase through the woods.

One week ago Forest Rangers were patrolling Gas Springs State Forest in Allegany County. There had been a report of "well-tended" marijuana plants and these rangers were heading in to get rid of them. According to the New York Times, New Yorkers can have up to 3 ounces of cannabis for recreational use. You aren't allowed to have fields on state land, for example.

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The Department of Environmental Conservation indicates that as Forest Rangers Hettenbaugh and Thaine approached the location of the "well-tended" plants they notices some of the vegetation was gone! Did someone pick out plants for the holidays like many pick out a Christmas Tree?

The Forest Rangers heard a "bustle in the hedge-row" and witnessed someone running through the woods. The chase is on! Almost immediately, one individual stopped and hit the ground. That dude was taken into custody but there was at least 1 more suspect.

As one Ranger handled the first individual a second Ranger pursued and caught a second individual. The Rangers made arrests for violations on State Lands and contacted New York State Police, which handled the public health and penal law charges. State Police seized the plants for evidence.

Yes, weed is legal, but you aren't allowed to have a farm, on state land.

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