The 'As the Heel Turns' team is back with a fresh episode! The pro wrestling podcast that counts down a different top-5 list every episode has dropped their most recent list, one that is sure to spark debate. Listen in as Goz, Vinny, Zach Bye, and Dan America argue the five people that deserve to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!  What in your mind, makes a person a Hall of Fame worthy candidate? In ring performance? Mic skills? Impact on the business overall? Plus a brand new feature enters this week's podcast called "Heel or Face". Are you a fan of a current story line heading into Wrestlemania? What would you like to see altered heading towards the biggest pay per view of the year? What people do you believe should be in the Hall of Fame? Do you disagree with the host's lists? Find out in this weeks 'As The Heel Turns' podcast!

(Plus we have a cheat sheet for your favorite topics below)

1:23 Pyscho Sid

4:00-Honky Tonk Man

7:00 The Flock

9:20 Demolition

15:00 British Bulldog

27:00 Bam Bam Bigelow

30:00 Miss Elizabeth

33:00 King Kong Bundy

36:28 King Haku

37:40 Owen Hart

42:00 Vince McMahon

45:00 Recapping this past week in WWE


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