The 'As the Heel Turns' team is back with a fresh episode! The pro wrestling podcast that counts down a different top-5 list every episode has dropped their most recent list, one that is sure to spark debate. Listen in as Goz, Vinny, Zach Bye, and The Tig Man argue the five best Royal Rumble matches of all time!  Remember it is just the Royal Rumble match itself. The guys did not evaluate the entire pay per view, rather just the great  royal rumble matches themselves. What do you believe makes a great Royal Rumble match? Is it an amazing finish? An incredible coast to coast performance by a wrestler. Or is the wrestlers in the rumble that makes a single match historic? Plus with the Royal Rumble this weekend, who do the guys believe will win the biggest matches of the night? Who will be the man pointing to the Wrestlemania sign at the end of the night?! Find out in this weeks 'As The Heel Turns' podcast!

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