I am not a fan of change. I drink the same beverage every day, I have the same routine each morning and I just like what I like. There is a Capital Region pizza place that has been around since 1986 and they are about to go through some changes.

In this case, the change is for the better!

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Have you ever been to AJ's Pizzeria in West Sand Lake? The restaurant on Highway 43 had been in business locally for 35 years until new management came along. Less than a month later the place was closed. According to AJ's Facebook page, that brief chapter is over and a new one is about to begin.

Today, plans are underway to re-name AJ's Pizzeria II with a Grand Opening on Monday December 27th! You can be one of the first to sample the food at the open house this Thursday December 23rd from 5p-8p. Meet the new owner, Averill Park's Austin Bradway and try some pizza, appetizers and desserts.

Thank you for all the support, well wishes and over all love and understanding during this transition. Yes, it’s been confusing and hard but we will get there. We can’t wait to open on December 27th. - AJ's Pizzeria II

Austin Bradway has been in the industry since he was 14 and now he is coming home to Averill Park! What about that name change though? We will have to wait on that but they promise an announcement soon.

Austin Bradway has put together a new staff and they are excited about serving the area again with friendly hometown smiles and their passion for this business. I know I said I don't like change but this is one that I will embrace.

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