These crazy intricate balloon animals are the cute companions you never knew you needed in your life. 

Join us at this year's Kidabaloo Sunday, April 17 at 11am! We're taking over the Bethlehem Dome in Glenmont and throwing a day of fun for the whole family. In addition to taking home the cutest balloon animals, you can also stop by the face painting station, bounce houses, and gaming area!

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    Who knew balloon artists could create a cute little pug? Just look at his face! Well, maybe he looks a little mad... but that gives him character! You need to take this puppy home.

    Pug (YouTube/Grover Pug)
  • 2

    Hermit Crab

    I'm not actually calling a hermit crab cute, am I? Yes, I am! Just check out this little guy! I've never felt the urge to hug a hermit crab until just now.

    Getty Images
  • 3


    Aww, this fox is the cutest! His little white eyebrows are especially lovable. You're going to want to keep this inflatable buddy forever!

  • 4


    This turtle is so well done! Balloon artists are some really talented people. Your kids are going to love watching this little sea dweller come to life.

    Getty Images
  • 5


    Seriously, an octopus? What's with marine wildlife being the cutest balloon animals? I don't know what it is, but we can definitely add this unique cutie to the list of balloon animals you need to ask for at this year's Kidabaloo.

    Octopus (Getty)